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  • About The Group

    Megh Group forayed into multiple verticals with talented crew of professionals and experts distinct in each discipline. The Group strives to deliver value and achieve substantial outcomes across all business domains consistently and successfully.


    Megh Group is among the top ten steel suppliers in India. Guided by a philosophy to produce safe and sustainable steel, we are the leading supplier of exceptional steel products in all major markets. We have the largest domestic supply capacity, best technology, and also the capability to put innovations into practice. Madras Steel’s challenge to become a leader in the new era of steel is an ongoing process.

    Real Estate

    Being a key player in real estate development in India, Megh Group is known for its quality construction, ethical and transparent business practices, high standard of maintenance and timely delivery of properties.

    Renewable Energy

    Megh Group provides solutions that are cost-effective, have long life, and produce no emissions. Energy consumption is on the rise and so is the cost, but with renewable energy solutions it is more convenient, sustainable and socially responsible. Megh Renewable Energy is a Chennai based sustainable solutions provider, a company established in order to spread the innovation of modern day technology of the eco-friendly market throughout the country.


    Megh Group takes pride in tailoring solutions to a client’s needs. We are agile and flexible with service being the key part of our culture, throughout all aspects of what we do. We believe we can improve our service and distinguish ourselves from our competitors mainly by following two simple rules we firmly believe in: PROMPTNESS AND TRANSPARENCY in the way we operate.

    Import & Export

    With technological advancement, extensive research, unmatched transparency in operations and the ability to anticipate market conditions and also to maneuver through volatile conditions differentiates Megh Imports & Exports among our competitors. We adhere to ethical practices that support our company’s mission and vision in catering the best of solutions to our customers.